From Watamu with Love!! My 12Hr journey….

When an Invite came along to visit 7Island Resort in Watamu, it felt like heaven sent, after a busy season this all a girl like me needed, some time out with my fellow Tour Operators this meant a lot of things, it was going to be fun, share a lot on Tourism industry, our peak season Hassles and above all explore this coastal town to the maximum.


Most of the people in this particular trip knew each other as we travel a lot together trying to refresh or products, network and discover virgin places, as usual we assembled somewhere in the city center then headed down town to catch our 1930hrs bus with all the excitement, we couldn’t afford to be late…Not on this trip..Helloo beach is a luxury over 100s of KM away from us and especially Papa Remo Beach and you just going to have fun not to work.. Mmmh! we could be forgiven to have a childlike excitement hehe!

well we checked in at Buscar Express we were allocated seats as per our tickets but of course we sat next to the one you get along with most or you haven’t seen in a while…we officially departed Nairobi at 2000hrs for like 3hrs it was just chitchats, jokes thrown right center and left, Seat Hopping…..afterwards we realized the music in the bus was boring as resourceful as we are of course we had our own music so it was changed, then it was ooh the Bus is going at 50KPH haha! I still think it was coz even by midnight we had not reached at the Main stop-over Mtito Andei….

Mtito-Andei is about 290km south East of Nairobi, This small town on Nairobi Mombasa Highway and Railway, is the main stop-over to The coastal part of kenya, There are many Eateries and Other various traders, the main areas are operated 24hrs. History says the town name means Vulture forests am sure my friend Chinku will have this answers

well we finally did get there and lasted for like 30mins some had a bite but knowing my last experience here -you dont want to know-I kept to my junk it was aloong journey ahead and the next bathroom break was going to be 250km… past Mtito and then into Tsavo officially my Favorite Destination in Kenya could help but wonder about a decade ago how lions terrorized the railway builders Just then I was distracted by Ti-chi movies aired in the bus, was somehow interesting and shortened the journey to Mombasa which we go at 0600hrs,, The last Time I checked it was 6hrs to Mombasa but I was glad we were safe and sound we stopped over for like 15mins then off to Watamu……

The air was thick with humidity and it was still chilly kept checking on a beautiful sunrise but I gave up and decided to count the palm trees hehe seriously! mhh! I blame it squarely or exhaustion I just wanted to get to watamu and finally did we at a few minutes to 0800hrs ……12hrs later…My longest Journey ever by road in like 5yrs…

The touchdown at 7island made all that exhaustion disappear, the scent in the face towel was soothing and very cooling made one come alive and the welcome drink was on point. The staff was up in arm and ready to assist with our luggage and check in and escort to the rooms to freshen up then have Breakfast. During this time I was admiring the beautiful property staff friendliness and all the attention each one of us got something that lasted for the 4days we stayed here….It wasn’t for show guys it was real as big as this place is , service is personalized. The animation team kep us busy with activities e.g kayaking, diving lessons, zumba, Beach volley ball and football, Crete beach and islands walks, and above all water polo now this is one game that never ends and finally rules are thrown out very fun though for the less energetic we played cards and I saw dust hehe Winnie and Mike you are one of a kind mlinichesa!!!

In the evenings there are performances in the theatre and they do allow guests participation I must say their Animator Santiago is quite Hilarious and so is Dzenga…

Meals at 7island are very delicious Though the menu works around Italian Cuisines given most of their guests have been italians they also create other themes on particular nights to include other guests.. I must commend their pastry chef.. The variety in their pastries is awesome and different flavors too… Breakfast is served upto 0900hrs, Lunch 1230hrs to 1400hrs diner at 0800hrs there is a snack station just by the pool that one can take in between meal times. They also do a beach party in the evening at papa Remo beach on Thursdays.

The rooms are very spacious, simply but Elegantly decorated all wood is stained white and so are the walls,, much attention is paid on Lamp shades which create a very unique atmosphere. They have televisions, Air conditioners, minifridge, water, glasses etc and the bathrooms have all the essentials including a blow drier. All rooms have balconies overlooking either the ocean or the garden. This All Inclusive Resort is also family friendly with a lot of kids games and also baby  pool and wonderful baby minders in a way you can relax knowing the young ones are well taken care of.

During our three nights stay here the Resort also took us to their sister Beach Hotel Crystal bay Hotel, CBH is a bit different , their garden quite rich in flora the rooms architecture is more homely and very big, they also have a golf course imagine that!! golf by the Beach! Now, the food here is mouth watering you can be forgiven if the image of God Is Increasing hehe… the presentation is not complicated and is very inviting… THUMBS UP TO YOUR CHEF….we enjoyed. well everything good does come to an end we would have loved to stay but we still had a few more activities to do like try and win that card Game and visit the Seven Islands when the tide is low, take some madafu….

On our final day In Watamu we visited the gedi ruins and the snake orphanage in the morning we had time to feed the sykes and also to witness a case of Ophidiophobia -fear of snakes, I mean some one split real fast just by the sight of a python…..

Gede Ruins

Gede Ruins is a 12th Century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago.
It is now a National Museum, and the ruins are heavily overgrown with beautiful indigenous forest trees, baobabs and tamarind.

Well worth a walk and a visit. Look out for Syke’s Monkeys, and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew can also be seen here. A quiet, careful look in some of the old wells can turn out the odd owl, too. The ruins of Gede are the relics of one of the Arab-African settlements found along the East-African coast. These towns were built by the Swahili people during the 15th and 16th century.

By that time the Swahili people had already established trade contacts with countries in the Middle East and India. Experts suppose that at its peak of prosperity about 2,500 people lived in Gede. There are still various speculations why the town was abandoned during the 16th or 17th century.

However, after Gede was abandoned, it remained undisturbed and nature had the time to re-conquer the place. The ruins at Gede were rediscovered in the 1920s and gained the status of Historical Monument in 1927. Since then about 18ha of the site have been excavated and the remains of several mosques, a palace, residential houses and elaborate pillar tombs have been revealed. Because it is hidden in deep forest the site is very atmospheric and mysterious.

we had a very Informative guide who took us through the ruins and the museum taught us a lot of  interesting things about the fascinating culture of the Swahili people and the ancient town they constructed. Additionally, you can walk along the nature trail network which comprises 40 different species of plants and leads to lesser ruins throughout the forest.  Gede Ruins is also an excellent place to observe wildlife. Forest birds like Turacos, Malachite Kingfishers, Paradise flycatchers and African Harrier Hawks can be seen from the tree platform which was built for the A Rocha’s Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme (ASSETS) programme.

The Gede Ruins National Monument & Museum is open to public daily from 7 am to 6 pm

After the tour we spent the rest of the afternoon at leisure and after diner we assembled at the theater for the final show chaaaa!! it was a real comedy night for two hrs then we hit the dance floor at Kalahari club….

On departure day we woke early and we bade the 7island team goodbye The GM saw us off together with Veronica The marketing Manager all I can say this is one great place with great people and didn’t disappoint in their hospitality. Highly Recommend this Beach Resort.

Our journey back was less dramatic at least it was daytime we enjoyed every landscape, coconut Plantations of kaloleni, the hilly landscapes of Taita land, Remote part of kambalands, to Maasai Land and By 1940hrs we were in Nairobi thats when you re-awaken Men?? I was in a hurry back home to this polluted city, thats when you add more value from where you’ve come from…….

They say the world is a book and those who do not travel only read the cover and every destination has its own Aura Unique to the traveler…. Keep flipping those pages and keep locked to our blog as we embark on a journey to central Kenya soon…

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