Ndulumo cottages Yatta

Yatta used to be a semiarid area but irrigation and re-afforestation has totally transformed the place to a green agricultural productive area. Kipwa is at the forefront of preserving and conserving the environement as most animal’s extinct coz of habitat loss. The conservancy has a variety of bird species e.g superb sterlings, weaver birds, lilac s hamerkop, common bulbul, sordon bleu, laughing dove drongo etc..  you may also spot  animals like tortoise, hyraxes, vervet and syke monkies,

Ndulumo cottages is deep inside kipwa conservancy it’s 2hrs away from Nairobi. It consist of two units of three bedroom each , its strategically located in a conflux of two rivers to join major Thika River.

The house has a care taker, a dedicated house keeper and 24 hrs security. Chef comes in at an extra cost

for more information luxitafrica@gmail.com / 0736365886