My city tour with a graffiti hunter…

One of the things I haven’t been able to stop is showing off my city, given that staying be hide an office desk for long is not my cup of tea I often find my self tour guiding around the city…

We are lucky to have many unique things to do in Nairobi and more so, mix all this with some bush and adventure.. if you google for things to do in Nairobi a lot would come up and more often the following places would pop up: feeding giraffes at Giraffe center, feeding elephants at the David Shedrick orphanage, a game drive in Nairobi National park, Museums, city walking tours, market tours, Mall tours, craft village tours etc..

But recently I have done  lots of unique tours like flower,Tea and coffee tours, Cheese tours, slum tours, real crazy tours like visiting slaughter houses, selecting a mbuzi getting it slaughtered and grilling it.  but perhaps the mother of all is when I received a Canadian tourist interested in street art to be specific Graffiti. I picked him up at Maanzoni lodge and we started by visiting the Go-Down art center, there was more than enough different kind of arts and artist in their studios, our morning was spent buying arts, learning how to make forms out of different recycled materials etc and I must say Kenyans are really creative friendly people.. we also had a jig or two at their performing studios.

For more information about  Go-down art center


After go-down art center we went to railways bus station as Matatu graffiti interested him too, we rode on the famous Catalyst Rongai bus.. I have never seen someone so contented few minutes ride and chat with matatu guys was enough for him.


[This tour we had also done with a group of British students, and also with a group from USA its becoming quite famous, at some point they loved the bongo music that was playing we went sourcing it in town hehe! Maisha ya tourguide ni kuwa flexible au siyo?]

well back to my graffiti tour; after the ride  I had organized an afternoon with Mohammend of Mohagrafix to see how this art comes to life. so we drove to Eastleigh section three at his garage and had an amazing afternoon. I didn’t know this was an expensive affair and how ignorant i could be thinking it was just paint?? ooh poor me, the molding, fiber, time etc  put into this…..

Mohammend used to sketch vehicles when he was young and when he grew up he used to visit different garages and carwash just to express his art and he confessed that, then it wasn’t about money it was just for fun, passion and to sharpen his skills well this skill became a thriving business when Matatu owners were looking for ways to pimp their rides in a way it will attract customers… as they say the rest is history and looks like this art that has had its own fights with traffic cops is here to stay.

So are you one of those people who choose which matatu to board? Well for some its an experience not miss whilst in Nairobi…. I could read this from guest as settled down at Kosewes for a traditional meal. He told me he has done tours in different parts of the world, but never had he ever felt like part of a city like the way he connected with Nairobi….. #DayMade

The above tours just show how diverse tourism products can be if all packagers are flexible and focus on travelers interest, they would really add value to tourism at large.

if you have a crazy tour you have ever done let hear it who knows we might just want to try.

#SupportLocal #TembeaKenya


2 thoughts on “My city tour with a graffiti hunter…

  1. When it comes to the Nairobi city tours I have come to appreciate the city mostly after my experience guiding in the streets of Nairobi. I just love the looks on people’s faces when they learn something new or when we share little with each other. I no longer walk on the streets like others, I walk with head high admiring the history that stands still in the streets of Nairobi.

    How I wish more people can realize how much the city has got to offer just like riding a boat at Uhuru Park or visiting the Uhuru Garden and have an experience of time travel back into the 60s

    keep doing the great work

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