You can never run short of things to do in Nairobi. Art has never been soo interesting..


Today is that lazy Saturday afternoon, any form of inspiration seems to have gone on a long long holiday without me….sob! sob! The borrowed millennial in me loves to work from home just to be there when kids come home from school or just to hear them call mum at every moment but today its different, I just want to get out go where I rarely show up. So I sweet talk my Main Man we drive around bila plan but He’s working till later in the afternoon, the virgo in me stirs up my impatience, can’t wait that long, then I remembered my Friend Michael Njoroge was constructing something interesting in Karen and voila a reason to get out of the house…..

So I call him up he wasn’t around but made everything possible for my arrival at Pimbi Bar & grill hehehe! The celeb me… so why did I think to go here? The last time I was here I loved the concept of Karen Village, Lots of different artist in one compound be it Painters, Musicians, dancers, designers etc combine this with simple,  delicious, pocket friendly traditional meals… how could a girl like me not get inspired…yeah!…or is it #SteakMotivated? Me and Nyamchom are twins. Now I got tripple energy yes just Like that!


Fast forward, when I get to Karen village a lot has changed, There are more modern buildings but still retaining the old houses which are kind of cute, as they are made out of logs and brings out that rustic look, good thing is they have tried as much as possible to not interfere with the natural surroundings.

While I get comfortable at the terrace of Pimbi restaurant a friendly waiter shows up to welcome me and let me know he will be back shortly to get my order, true to his word he showedup just in-time. As you might have guessed, I didn’t need to think I had to taste their steak. Karen village has a relaxing atmosphere. Fresh air.. one  gets comfortable so easily as it’s away from all the city hassles, great place to interact with friends or family. The restaurant serves typical Kenyan foods using locally produced fresh products.

Pimbi also has accommodation one built like a maasai manyatta and others are just like a normal hotel rooms.  For those who love artscene, spending a night at karen village would add value to your travels, its a great experience.


The old place still looks like a town under trees- kind of cute. I got to interact with  few artists but Tony Mugo quite inspired me as he narrated his journey as an artist with Canvas glass. He told me initially he was just experimenting with this medium for he has always been fascinated by color, light and space.

In his words; “Today my work is marked by freshness of imagery, a full palette of color and a sophisticated treatment of light. The glass works a fusion of both, hot and cold techniques. His work brightens up both public places e.g at the National Museums of Kenya and private buildings around the country.” Well Mugo has found Toney-Mugo-Artist-Bio-3his calling and by the look of things he enjoys what he does and he advises youths to take their passions and talents seriously and to not be afraid to research and try out different things to bring out their uniqueness and also for diversification of products. Tony Can be reached

There are a number of other artists that major in sculpture and graphic design. This art and cultural center is also home to Fashion designer Melodi Mazolla CEO of Siren Soul Designs. She specializes in custom made women clothes.

Also of special interest is Handerson Kiruri who drew his inspiration from street art and especially Matatu Graphics, Unconventional art struck a major cord in his mind.. He narrates how his art attracted love and hate at the same time while in school.

Ocean sole are also located within Karen Village. Theit art is unique and support conservation.


Their pieces represent the trash found in the oceans and waterways that are killing human and marine life in their journey from the dumps to the beaches. Kindly check the website and know their wonders incredible story.

Let me not pre-empt as there is a lot you can enjoy here, if you a looking for a place to hang out, enjoy arts both visual and performance check Karen village out. And bring the little ones too they have enough playground. Am glad I revisited the place.


As I conclude on this it makes me wonder how many tourism traders create itineraries around artistic tourism. More often than not, in kenya this is left to Tour guides stop-overs or eco /cultural tours which revolve around communities. One thing we must understand is Artistic tourism attracts people who are willing to spend money. Numerous studies from around the world have shown that people who include the arts in their travel plans often have higher income levels than other tourists to that locale, have a greater likelihood of staying in local hotel, take longer trips and shop more. Kenya’s Art scene has grown and expanded over the years and even if its not on full speed many are embracing it in all areas of their lives. wherever we go in this world lets carry and represent  #Magicalkenya to the maximum. Together we are #BrandKenya.

Nice weekend everyone. #DayMade





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